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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

Mr. Toilet & The BoP Hub

Toilet Campaign for 2.6 Billion People & A Startup Accelerator for 4 Billion Poor




Jack Sim – Serial & Social Entrepreneur

‘Failed his O-levels, failed his A-levels, couldn’t be promoted without a degree. So, he started a company. It worked well, so he started 15 more, “retired,” and founded 8 social enterprises. Now he’s been to Harvard four times and invited to teach at Singularity. His message: don’t just work the system – build new and better systems. Don’t just serve today’s elite – build businesses for the next 4 Billion consumers.

For more information on his work, see: LinkedIn, “Meet Mr. Toilet”  (GE Focus Forward),  worldtoilet.org,  bophub.org, Designing Business to End Poverty, and his book Simple Jack (Sim, J., & Pak, S. Singapore: Straits Times Press, 2011).