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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

What do nuns, billionaire entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs, scientists, artists, and corporate executives have in common? They are all world class innovators who, through seemingly “odd” combinations, continue to bring significant value to the world. 

The Global Innovation: Fusion Series, created by Dr CJ Meadows, is a collection of 40 multimedia articles presenting a new model of lateral (often radical!) innovation. Forged at i2i — The Innovation & Insights Center at SP Jain School of Global Management, the series presents 30 world-class innovators , explaining who they are and how they got here.

The Next Wave in Innovation 

A New Renaissance Has Begun

A New Model of Lateral (and Radical!) Innovation

In Search of Fusion
What I Learned, How, & From Whom

Organizing Fusion
Mapping Your Journey Through the Fusion Materials

5 Habits of Highly Effective 
What's So Special About Lateral Innovators?

Nokia Ringtones & “Hi-Tech” 
for the Poor
1st Digital Music Deal & LifeTools (125 Million Subscribers)

Perfume Cocktails & Molecular
The Tipping Club

China-West – The Forbidden Music of The Cultural Revolution
Fusion Symphonies Commissioned & Played by the World's Top Orchestras

Mr. Toilet & The BoP Hub
Toilet Campaign for 2.6Bn People & A Startup Accelerator for 4Bn Poor

Olympic Dive Mathematics
The Best Score in Olympic History

Multi-Emmy & Multi-Media

The Innovator’s Energy, Connection, & Spirit
Austria’s Largest BioFuels Production Plant, Early Interactive TV, Early Digital Marketing, Spirituality & Enlightened Incubation

The Science of Happiness … at Scale
Harvard’s Most Popular Course & Tech-Enabled Positive Psychology

Quantum-Chemical Social Networks
One of the 100 Most Innovative Firms in the World (CIO Magazine ranking)

Pig Fitbits
USD 8 Billion to Save in Agriculture Worldwide

Geography, ICT, and a Newly-Connected World Order

The Advanced Bio-Polymer Pocket Watch … for Cancer
Low-Dose Chemo@Cancer

Urban Farming
Inner-City Nutrition & “Green-Collar Jobs” in a USD 50 Billion Global Market

The Hub
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development

Mosquito Attractant & The Polyclone Chop
Finding Problems for Simple, Everyday 180° Inventions