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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

Seeing What Others Don’t




“I shut my eyes in order to see.” (quote from Paul Gauguin) Fusioneers see the world like no one else. That’s why they see opportunities others miss. Some create a lens on the world that excludes what’s not in their self-crafted mission, helping them see what is. They see for themselves & peek in the back-room. They see with their hands & feet. They play. They see deeply, connecting fields that address the same things with different language, also breaking through assumptions (allowing radical new directions). They see big-picture, little, near, far, patterns, connections, and even underground (e.g. Jack Sim's archaeological dig). They see from different perspectives (including other people’s) & see what doesn’t exist (but should). They see what’s next, see again (successive innovation), & their vision is unique.