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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

The Human Face of Big Data

…by a Time/Life/National Geographic Photographer




Rick Smolan – Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, Photographer

He was so shy he wouldn’t even talk on the basement ham radio – he sent Morse code. Dad bought him a camera, and he found his passion, becoming a self-taught Time / Life / National Geographic photographer. Famous photograph-ees lent support, & a book no one wanted became a record-breaking best-seller. This million-view TED speaker does what he loves, persists beyond reason, listens humbly, & integrates people/design/tech/biz into leading-edge offerings people really care about.

For more information on his work, see: LinkedIn, Against All Odds, BigThink: Can Big Data Change Who You Are?, his Amazon author page, and TED.com ( The Story of a Girl, which has over 1 million views).  The Human Face of Big Data is available on Amazon, as is his subsequent work,  The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice.