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Exploring Yourself (Open for Insight)

Managing Creative Insight, Outsight, and Your Own Design




Manage Creative Insight, Outsight, and Your Own Design

“The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings.” (quote from Henri Frederic Amiel) If you want to get great, creative work done, the following might help: do poorly at school, do very well at school, play, go to sleep, pray & meditate, power-wash the pig-house, lap-swim, take a walk, jump horses, take a shower, play piano, be bored, and “think” with your heart, not your head. What’s the common thread? Inward focus. If you work alone, guard your inward, non-interruptible time. If you’re creatively stuck or creating with others, focus outward (“outsight”). Most importantly, tap into your own unique design (not just the bits you tap for a standard job/career), and share that with the world. If you stick to it authentically and cultivate your inner life, you’ll land where you’re valued and create what only you can create.