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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

Silk Vaccine, Please, No Ice … and a Coke?

Millions of Lives & USD 16 Billion to Save with Non-Refrigerated Vaccines
Livio Valenti – Entrepreneur, Science/Tech Venture




Livio felt his work was achieving nothing and looked for a new mission. He found it in a TED talk and turned it into a school project that is now an award-winning startup. Vaxess aims to save millions of lives and USD 16 Billion a year with their new shelf-stable, silk-infused vaccines. Why not have a Coke, a smile, … & a vaccine?

For more information on his work, see LinkedIn and vaxess.com. If you speak Italian, you can catch him at TEDxVicenza and BeautifulMindsBologna.

To learn more from Livio’s scientific co-founder, Dr. Fio Omenetto, visit TED.com for Silk, the Ancient Material of the Future. For a brief overview of silk vaccines, watch NOVA: Stabilizing Vaccines with Silk (PBS).