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Fusion Series

How World Class Innovators Create the Unexpected

The Next Wave in Innovation

A New Renaissance Has Begun




What's the next wave in innovation? Fertile ground for radical, high-impact innovation lies in the interspaces between industries, technologies, countries, classes, and more. Our next big step is Lateral Innovation – Fusion – and we’ve already taken the first steps:


- Applying satellite technology in radio launched a now-$24Bn enterprise: Sirius.

- Integrated software won out over advanced-function specialists: Microsoft Office.

- One device has replaced millions - cameras, alarm clocks, calculators, flashlights, and more: The Smartphone.


To gain insight into how it’s done, we learned from 30 world-class cross-domain innovators and those around them. They come from all over the planet and work in business, science/technology, and the arts. They include a "self-made" billionaire, a nun, a 13-year-old dropout who became a celebrity chef, a pig farmer with dreams of being a doctor, and a box-boy who grew up to manage $15Bn. 


Their impact includes over $1Bn-worth of business, the first digital music deal, high-tech for India's poor (125 million subscribers), one of the 100 most innovative firms in the world (ranked by CIO Magazine), one of the 25 coolest companies in America (ranked by Forbes), the best score in Olympic history (10-meter diving), Harvard's most popular course, and schooling+ for 450,000 people.


Find out in our multimedia book who they are, how it happened, and how you might do more of the same. In the meantime, see the Fusioneers for yourself in our video series – why they do it, how, and some advice for your own journey.